Stephen Buckley aka WHEAT
Bradenton, Florida 34209 Phone (mobile): 312.882.3103
Cinematographer and Digital Media Artist
IMDB resume: [ view ]
Cinematography Reel: [ view ]
1996 - current
Cinematography, Editing, Visual FX and Sound Design, Guerrilla Monster Films, Memphis TN
Independent film company specializing in producing feature films and music videos

Tupelove - Short movie for the Tupelo Convention and Travel Bureau. I was the cinematographer, editor, colorist, post-sound mixer. Directed by John Michael McCarthy. view movie


Cigarette Girl - Independent feature. I was the cinematographer, editor and sound designer. Directed by John Michael McCarthy. trailer, site


Teenage Tupelo DVD (in production) - Independent feature, Re-mastering audio for DVD release. directed by John Michael McCarthy. site


Superstarlet A.D. - Independent feature, sound design, editing, computer SFX, website, directed by John Michael McCarthy. stills, clip 1, site, buy

The Sore Losers - Independent feature, sound recording, utility, computer SFX, co-producer, website designer. The Sore Losers won first prize for 1997 Central Florida Film & Video Festival, directed by John Michael McCarthy. stills, clip 1, site

200 Sachen - Music video editor/fx; I also shot video #2; directed by John Michael McCarthy, Sony Germany. video 1 video 2

The Hives - A Little More For Little You - Music video editor/fx; directed by John Michael McCarthy. video 1

Jesse and Noah - Dirty With A Southern Drawl - Music video shot and cut by me; directed by John Michael McCarthy. video

The True Lovers - Death Threat - Music video shot and cut by me; directed by John Michael McCarthy. video

The Makers (3 music videos) - Music video production, editor for three videos, directed by John Michael McCarthy. videos 1, video 2

Guitar Wolf - Butobase (All Thru the Night!) - Music video production and computer SFX, directed by John Michael McCarthy, Sony-Japan. stills, videos

The Flakes - Talk About You - Music video editor; shot & directed by John Michael McCarthy. video 1

Elvis Meets The Beatles - Independent video, Sound design and production assistant, directed by John Michael McCarthy.

Broad Daylight - edited many of the DVD extras; Making of Broad Daylight and others. Directed by Victoria Renard & John Michael McCarthy.


1992 - current
Film, Video Related Productions, Various Contract Work

Candy. ( 8 min, 2010) - Independent short. I was the cinematographer and post sound mixer. Directed by Sage Hall. view movie


A Dress Rehearsal - Independent feature, editing and sound; directed by Storms Denman. clip 1, clip 2

The Mountain Dew Ice Village - One of four video artists at a sporting and entertainment facility. This 17 day event took place in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Olympics.

The Morning Ritual (7:44 min, 2001) - Independent short, sound design production. The Morning Ritual won the Hometowners Award for Narrative Short at the 2001 IndieMemphis Film Festival, directed by Jason Lazarus. view movie

In Through The Out (13 min, 2002) - Independent experimental short, sound edit, collaborative visual editing, video manipulation, directed by Mark Siska. view excerpt

King Louie at Dixie's Tavern (14 min, 2002) - Live music video/documentation, camera/edit/fx/directed. view movie

Video Production - Creation and maintaining of promotion spots for Pyramid events on in-house video system and matrix boards; other tasks include troubleshooting and camera operations, The Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN. clip 1, clip 2


Stars - Independent 3D animated short. Assisting with textures maps, lighting, and camera movements, directed by Alicja Trout. view stills

Fed Ex St.Jude Classic - For 3 consecutive years, 1999-2001, I've performed the following: shotgun mic operator, golf course cabling(tri-x, mic, dry pair, fiber) and camera mover, ABC/ESPN sports.

Wil Roy Sanders: The Last Living Bluesman - Independent documentary, production assistant, still image pans, directed by Sherman Wilmott, Shangri La Records.

Train Rides: East & West (4:15 min, 1999) - Independent short, sound and edit, directed by Melinda Fries. view movie

Comedy Central Commercial - Miniature set installation for commercial bumpers, H-Gun Labs. view stills

The BLVD - Independent documentary, video camera operator, sound recording, directed by Deborah Stratman. view trailer excerpt

Twilite (68 min, 1997) - Independent feature, editing, sound, image processing, digital camera operator, directed by Raoul Vehill. view trailer

Book of Swords - Ikehoman Productions feature, Best Boy Grip and cameo, directed by Peter Allen. view my cameo

The Nite Owl - Independent short, set installation, directed by Nandor Nevai. view movie

Nickelodeon/TV Land Commercial - Set installation, Runandgun! inc.

TNT/Cartoon Network Commercial Bumpers - Computer matte cutting for video compositing, direction by Frank Kozik, H-Gun Labs.

OVT Visuals - Assisting in the installation and live mixing of large screen backdrop visuals for various events from fashion shows, rock shows, music videos, and parties.

1992, 1993 AMOA Awards Ceremony - Designed and animated 2D graphics, AMOA (Amusement & Music Operators Association).

1995 - 2004
Web, Multimedia, and Print Related Productions, Various Contract Work

Passman Galleries - Website graphics, design, and database for to showcase and sell hi-end jewelry and sculpture.

Moon Shine Lampshades - Website graphics and design for vintage fiberglass reproduction lampshade business.

Studio 207 - Website graphics and design for a Chicago based Film/HD production company.

The Willowz - DVD Press Review - Website graphics, design and video encoding for the pre-release of their DVD SEEINSQUARES.

The Chicago Blues Revue - Website graphics, design and video encoding for a Chicago blues act.

Hyperharp - Website graphics, design and video encoding for a Chicago based musician.

Walmart and Chrysler - Graphic artist for in-house training CD-Rom, Anderson Consulting.

21st Century Sports Network - Real-time football video game, 3D character design, 2D interface design, Blue Dawn Entertainment.

Silicon Prairie - Cover illustration for technical journal, Chicago Tribune. view image

1995 Program Guide - Cover illustration for annual live-music program guide, Chicago Park District. view image

1995 - 1997
3D Graphic Design and Animation, RUNANDGUN! inc., Chicago IL
Production house specializing in commercials, websites and video games.
Wild Ride! - Real-time 3D surfing video game for the Windows 95 platform. Constructed, optimized, and animated 3D models. Designed various 2D graphics for texture mapping and game interface. Minimal programming. stills

Mercury Rev - Website for musical rock group Mercury Rev, Sony Entertainment. Constructed models, texture maps and programmed the 3D environment.

DUELIN' FIREMEN! - Film trailer/CD-Rom video game. Real set installation as well as a 3D street scene props. Also, King Buzzo character. Designed and created a mock punch/kick video game with 2D animation sequences. stills, mock videogame clip

1991 - 1995
Video Editing and 2D Animation, Hershey Interactive Systems, Chicago IL
Company specializing in educational video courses, primarily in financial education
as well as scuba diving and ultralight flying.
Life Insurance Dynamics - 12 hour educational video course. Generated many of the computer graphics and animation that was incorporated in the video. Editor and assistant editor for several of the video modules. Also edited character generation, music and sound FX. 2D animation

Real Estate System 1000 - 14 hour educational video course. Updated many of the visuals with computer graphics and animation. Edited several of the videos modules. Also edited character generation, music and sound FX. 2D animation

Experience on PC, Macintosh, and Amiga platforms


After Effects
Vegas Video
3D Studio Max
various Pinnacle systems
DPS Perception
Video Toaster
Sound Forge
Quark Xpress

Languages, OS, and Scripting
Joomla/Mambo CMS
OScommerce CMS
Studied Computer Programming at the following:
1990 - 1992 University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
1988 - 1990 Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH
1987 - 1988 University of Dayton, Dayton, OH